A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking with Jim Brogan of the More Living with Jim Brogan show on Knoxville’s WOKI Talk Radio 98.7FM.

The pre-recorded interview will be broadcast on WOKI this Saturday, June 12th at 9am and 3pm. It will also be available a few days later on the Brogan Financial website at https://broganfinancial.com/our-podcast/ , titled "Bucket List Vacations and Living Abroad" .

Here’s the press release with the full details:

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE, USA, June 9, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — A recent Washington Post article notes that more Americans than ever are looking into leaving the US. Searches on the International Living web site for information on moving out of the country is up 1,676% in the last five months of 2020. With over three million Americans considering expat life each year, author Jim Santos, already a successful writer with work published in venues like The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, and several International Living magazines and e-publications, has released a new book that brings his expertise to bear on the realities of Expat Life.

The author was interviewed recently for the More Living with Jim Brogan show on WOKI Newstalk 98.7 FM in Knoxville, TN. With a small light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel finally showing, more and more people are interested in what is like to live – or even just travel – abroad and within the US.

The full interview will be broadcast on Saturday, June 12th at 9am and 3pm. It will be available a few days later on the Brogan Financial website at https://broganfinancial.com/our-podcast/ .

The book is unique in that it is not a “how-to” book or even a “why to” book. Instead, it is an insider’s look from someone who has lived life abroad and written for travel/retirement publications. Using informative and often amusing examples from his own life and travels, the author tackles questions and myths he has heard in his experiences meeting other expats as well as talking with potential expats via email and at conventions.

He found that although there is a lot of good information out there, there is a lot of misinformation. Sometimes the positive features of expat life is stressed while the common problems may be minimized or even ignored. This book does not proselytize for moving abroad, but instead aims at giving the reader enough real-life information to make their own decision.

Available now on Amazon in both the Kindle format with full color photos, a black-and-white paperback, and now a hardcover version as well. It is a “free read” for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. Visit the Author’s Page at http://amazon.com/author/jimsantos for more information or to order your copy.

About the Author: Jim Santos is a freelance writer and voice over artist, currently based in east Tennessee after 6 years of living in Salinas, Ecuador on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, exploring that country and three others in South America. He has written and published over 200 articles about life in Ecuador and travel to other locations around the world for the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and various International Living magazines, e-newsletters, and web site content.

In addition to the just released “Living Abroad: Challenging the Myths of Expat Life”, “An Uphill Climb: Survivor’s Guilt and the Inca Trail”, and “The Galápagos Islands: On Your Own and On a Budget” he is also the author of “Ecuador Scouting Trip Itineraries and Travel Guide: An International Living Report” and has edited/updated IL’s “Escape to Ecuador” book every year from 2017-2019. He has been a popular speaker on various aspects of life in Ecuador at six expat conferences held in Ecuador and the USA. He has also just published a series of short stories and brief travel vignettes that can be found at http://amazon.com/author/jimsantos . His blog site (http://jimsantosblog.com) recently surpassed the 100,000 readers mark, and he is the host of the upcoming podcast “International Living’s New Rules for Retirement” which will be available (hopefully) later in 2021.