Well, it is finally ready for Prime Time! After my original complaint chronicled in a previous post, I now have my new website and blog up and running on my own server, with a minimum of reliance on other companies and services.

You can now reach the new site at https://jimsantosbooks.com , https://jimsantosauthor.com , or continue to use https://jimsantosblog.com .

The new site has in addition to the blog a basic Welcome page, information about my books currently available at Amazon, a page about my slowly expanding voice-over repertoire, and the usual "about" and "Contact" pages.

There are also of course buttons to allow sharing on various sites and social media, and I added fields for "conversations" about posts using either FaceBook or Disqus.

Since the final straw was a problem with email notifications of new posts, I really won't know for sure that everything is functioning correctly until the pre-programmed time arrives and this missive is hopefully spewed out into the inter-tubes, so you may find me writing a rather sheepish post tomorrow.

But overall, I feel confident, and good about brushing off some old skills and learning some new ones. Hope you enjoy the new format, and don't be surprised if I continue to tweak and update.

Loki, the new server, up and running like a champ!