A Soulful Journey through America's Heartland

https://travelswithjimandrita.buzzsprout.com/This episode takes a turn down the path of personal evolution with our guest, Heidi Beierle, an intrepid spirit who pedaled her way from Wyoming to the diverse tapestry of American culture. Heidi's cross-country cycling odyssey is a beacon for anyone looking to unlock the depths of their courage and meet America's heartland with open arms.

Savoring Playa del Carmen and Cozumel

Rita and I waved goodbye to our Knoxville abode, and let the salty breezes of Playa del Carmen become our new lullaby. Our latest episode is a tapestry of tales from our sun-kissed days at Sunset Fisherman's Spa and Resort, to the cultural weave of Cozumel where we rendezvoused with Bel Woodhouse, International Living's Mexico correspondent.

A New Life and a New Perspective on Politics and Patriots

Embarking on a nomadic lifestyle isn't just a leap into the unknown; it's a dance with new horizons. Join us, Rita and Jim Santos, as we swap the familiarity of Knoxville for the sun-kissed beaches of Mexico and the rustic charm of mountain villages, all while debunking the myth that living abroad is an escape from American life.

Tales of a Nomadic Entrepreneur

Our latest episode takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions and destinations. From my own serendipitous turn of events that steered me from Europe to China, to the heart rate monitor business venture that followed, we explore the found and lost opportunities that shape a life less ordinary.

International Banking

Discover how we're securing our retirement savings by side-stepping the unpredictable real estate market and why High Yield Savings Accounts (HYSAs) have caught our eye. We're also unpacking the potential of banking in Uruguay, the financial haven often compared to Switzerland, and how it might just be the safe harbor for our hard-earned funds. Our conversation with Dr. Mark Teuten, a attorney who helps with Uruguayan banking for expats, throws light on managing money in a foreign land.

Kindness Without Borders

Embark on a voyage of discovery with the intrepid Maya and Dave, whose leap from the classroom to the vast world has led to a retirement brimming with purpose and adventure. As former educators, their tale is one of financial foresight and embracing a minimalist lifestyle to fuel a passion for exploration.

Wanderlust Fulfilled: Unveiling the Art of Slow Travel

Have you ever wondered what it takes to trade a stationary life for one of global exploration? Join us as we chat with Kevin and Bonita, a couple who've made the leap from the comfort of their Florida home to the exhilarating uncertainties of backpacking the world. Their story begins with heartfelt goodbyes to their possessions, a journey kickstarted in the vibrant city of Barcelona, and the myriad adjustments from downsizing to decoding new languages. Travel alongside us as we navigate the emotional landscape of embracing the nomadic lifestyle, examining the blend of excitement and trepidation that transforms ordinary lives into extraordinary tales.

Exploring the Slow-Travel Life, Panama Edition

Casco Viejo, Panama City, Panama

Join our escapade through the vibrant life of Panama as we, alongside seasoned expats Lesa Wollman, Stu Singleton, and their adventurous dog Ziggy, unveil the realities of forging a new path in the historic Casco Viejo. From the bustling streets of Panama City to the serene shores of Playa Coronado, we share the rhythm of everyday life in this tropical paradise. Lesa and Stu's stories weave through the rich tapestry of cultural adjustments, the comforting familiarity of the US dollar, and the warm welcome from local Panamanians, painting a vivid picture of expat life that's as diverse as it is delightful.

From Grief to Globetrotting

Embarking on a life less ordinary, Rita and I, Jim Santos, peeled back the layers of traditional retirement to reveal a tapestry woven with adventure and discovery. Our tale begins with shared grief, leading to a partnership rooted in the love of exploration. When the familiar confines of the United States seemed too small, we chased a dream to Ecuador—a journey that reshaped our golden years. Now, we pull back the curtain on the decision that sparked our move, the realities of adopting a new homeland, and the unexpected twist that led to our decision to try slow travel.

Retirement Rebels: Taking a Chance With an Audacious Plan

Ever fantasized about selling everything to explore the world? That's precisely what we, Jim and Rita, are doing as we turn our golden years into a globetrotting adventure. Buckle up for an episode that peels back the curtain on our daring decision to sell our home, dive into retirement travel, and live life to the fullest abroad. We share the nitty-gritty of our financial blueprint — the foundation of a plan that balances the thrill of new experiences with the poignant goodbye to our cherished home. From the bustling streets of Panama, we recount the meticulous budgeting that could potentially enrich our savings and detail our vigilant watch over the US housing market for the perfect moment to possibly return.

Podcast Episode - Is It Safe to Visit Foreign Lands?

As the world becomes more interconnected, the idea of retiring abroad grows ever more enticing. Jim and Rita Santos, a couple who took the leap to relocate to Ecuador and now plan to travel the world, share their journey on their latest podcast episode. It's a tale that intertwines the excitement of new experiences with the practicalities and challenges of expat life.

Staggering Into Prague

The Grand Mark Prague

Our planned nine-weeks of travel through Europe comes to an unexpected end.

Waltzing Into Vienna

Inside the Vienna State Opera House

Continuing our planned nine-week trip through Europe in the City of Music.

Our Visit to Istanbul

Next up on our planned nine-week tour of Eastern Europe, a visit to the timeless city of Istanbul, Turkey

Broken ACs and Digital Lifelines Abroad

Have you ever wondered if the expat life is as glamorous as it sounds or if it's just a series of unexpected trials? Rita and I are here to give you the unvarnished truth, sharing our latest escapades in Panama, where the beauty of Playa Coronado meets the frustration of a broken air conditioner. It's a tale of resilience, as we balance the arduous process of selling our home back in the States with the daily grind of making it in a foreign land. Strap in for a candid recount of our Airbnb mishaps and triumphs that might just have you questioning our sanity.

But it's not all about the struggles; there's a silver lining in the form of travel tech that's changing the game for nomads like us. Imagine seamlessly hopping from country to country, staying connected without a hitch – that's the magic of eSIMs. In this episode, we also explore the communication lifeline that is WhatsApp, and I'll let you in on the most effective travel apps that have revolutionized our journeys. From deciphering foreign menus with Google Translate's camera to savvy booking hacks that save us time and money, these tools have become essential in our travel toolkit. Tune in and elevate your travel savvy to pro level with our hard-earned insights.

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