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Retirement Rebels: Taking a Chance With an Audacious Plan

Ever fantasized about selling everything to explore the world? That's precisely what we, Jim and Rita, are doing as we turn our golden years into a globetrotting adventure. Buckle up for an episode that peels back the curtain on our daring decision to sell our home, dive into retirement travel, and live life to the fullest abroad. We share the nitty-gritty of our financial blueprint — the foundation of a plan that balances the thrill of new experiences with the poignant goodbye to our cherished home. From the bustling streets of Panama, we recount the meticulous budgeting that could potentially enrich our savings and detail our vigilant watch over the US housing market for the perfect moment to possibly return.

Podcast Episode - Is It Safe to Visit Foreign Lands?

As the world becomes more interconnected, the idea of retiring abroad grows ever more enticing. Jim and Rita Santos, a couple who took the leap to relocate to Ecuador and now plan to travel the world, share their journey on their latest podcast episode. It's a tale that intertwines the excitement of new experiences with the practicalities and challenges of expat life.

Staggering Into Prague

The Grand Mark Prague

Our planned nine-weeks of travel through Europe comes to an unexpected end.

Waltzing Into Vienna

Inside the Vienna State Opera House

Continuing our planned nine-week trip through Europe in the City of Music.

Our Visit to Istanbul

Next up on our planned nine-week tour of Eastern Europe, a visit to the timeless city of Istanbul, Turkey

Broken ACs and Digital Lifelines Abroad

Have you ever wondered if the expat life is as glamorous as it sounds or if it's just a series of unexpected trials? Rita and I are here to give you the unvarnished truth, sharing our latest escapades in Panama, where the beauty of Playa Coronado meets the frustration of a broken air conditioner. It's a tale of resilience, as we balance the arduous process of selling our home back in the States with the daily grind of making it in a foreign land. Strap in for a candid recount of our Airbnb mishaps and triumphs that might just have you questioning our sanity.

But it's not all about the struggles; there's a silver lining in the form of travel tech that's changing the game for nomads like us. Imagine seamlessly hopping from country to country, staying connected without a hitch – that's the magic of eSIMs. In this episode, we also explore the communication lifeline that is WhatsApp, and I'll let you in on the most effective travel apps that have revolutionized our journeys. From deciphering foreign menus with Google Translate's camera to savvy booking hacks that save us time and money, these tools have become essential in our travel toolkit. Tune in and elevate your travel savvy to pro level with our hard-earned insights.

Let's Talk Costa Rica - New Podcast Episode

Retirement is often seen as a time for relaxation and reflection. However, for a growing number of retirees, it's becoming a gateway to new adventures, particularly in sunnier, cost-effective climes.

Thessaloniki: A Different Side of Greece - Part 1

During our recent trip to Greece, my wife Rita and I wanted to get an idea of what it would be like to actually live in Greece, someplace a little less touristy and maybe a little more authentic.

Not Mint To Be


Mint Not-So-Mobile: The cell plan NOT to use if you are going to travel internationally.

New Podcast Launch!

My new podcast, "Bigger, Better World" from International Living is now available.

Retirement Podcast - Knoxville, TN

International travel/retirement author Jim Santos was recently interviewed for the popular “Retire There with Gil and Gene” podcast about retiring to Knoxville, Tennessee.

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