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Author, Traveler, and Voice Over Artist

New Podcast Launch!

My new podcast, "Bigger, Better World" from International Living is now available.

Retirement Podcast - Knoxville, TN

International travel/retirement author Jim Santos was recently interviewed for the popular “Retire There with Gil and Gene” podcast about retiring to Knoxville, Tennessee.

Walking in Memphis - Part 1

Part one of our short but busy trip to Memphis, Tennessee to celebrate nine years of marriage.

Birthday Giveaway!

Help me celebrate my 64th birthday by winning a FREE Kindle version of my most popular book!

Time to Grow Up

Some thoughts on common themes popping up on social media these days revolving around family get-togethers between vaccinated and unvaccinated kinfolk.

Finding My Voice

Combining two of my favorite pastimes for fun and profit.

Lesson Re-Learned

Sometimes even experienced travelers need to re-learn important lessons.

COVID-19 and Travel

On our recent trip to San Francisco, we noticed some big differences in how two different US counties are handling Covid-19.

Looking Back on the Inca Trail

Four years go this Saturday (August 28th), Rita and I took our first steps on the Inca Trail after over a year of training and preparation.

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