Jim Santos Books

Author, Traveler, and Voice Over Artist

Time to Grow Up

Some thoughts on common themes popping up on social media these days revolving around family get-togethers between vaccinated and unvaccinated kinfolk.

Finding My Voice

Combining two of my favorite pastimes for fun and profit.

Lesson Re-Learned

Sometimes even experienced travelers need to re-learn important lessons.

COVID-19 and Travel

On our recent trip to San Francisco, we noticed some big differences in how two different US counties are handling Covid-19.

Looking Back on the Inca Trail

Four years go this Saturday (August 28th), Rita and I took our first steps on the Inca Trail after over a year of training and preparation.

Hate and Anger on Facebook

Does it seem to you like more people are hiding behind the Internet to express their hate and anger these days?

Delta and the Delta Variant

Slowly, carefully, even reluctantly, Rita and I try to get back to travel with a recent cross-country trip.

The First Steps

Time to put hardware and software together, and get ready to host my own server.

The Right Stuff

Setting up your own server it is important to choose the right stuff from the beginning.

Ready to Serve

I try to be a patient man, but sometime towards the end of June, I had finally had enough. I decided to make a break from hosting services, and just do it by my damn self.

Book Interview Now Online

Video interview with Bright Side Global Trade about "Living Abroad - Challenging the Myths of Expat Life"

Taking a Vaccication

Finally got to enjoy a small vacation here in these Days of Wine and Covid.

Do the Write Thing

Struggles of writing - perils and pitfalls of the publishing business